Today’s reading: Galatians 4:8-20

There’s no doubt that Paul loved and was concerned for the body of believers in Galatia. Paul considered himself a spiritual father and mentor to this group because he had introduced them to Christ; as such, he had a special relationship and spiritual bond with these new believers. While he was with in Galatia, he taught them about and modeled living for God. And then once this new church was established, Paul, staying true to his calling to spread the message of Christ, moved on to other locations. But even though he was no longer physically with the Galatians, Paul’s care and concern for and his guiding of this group of believers did not cease. He was committed to walking alongside this new church and helping them continue to move forward and grow in their relationship with God.

What does Paul’s example show us about the importance of spiritual mentoring? Do you have someone you consider a spiritual mentor? How are you (or how might you start) helping other people grow in their relationship with Christ? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog