Today’s reading: 1 Samuel 27:1-12

One of the things I love and find fascinating about the Bible is how God gives us a complete picture of real life–successes, mistakes, complete failures, plateaus, joy, pain, sin, obedience. And so we see accounts like that in 1 Samuel 27 where David, anointed by God to be king and a man after God’s heart, makes some poor choices while experiencing a low time in his life. He’s weary and discouraged from his prolonged running from Saul, and in this weakened emotional and physical state, takes his focus off of God and His promises. (Can you relate? Because I sure can.) Doubt creeps in and influences his thinking and actions. The next thing you know, David is drawing on his own strength and following his faulty emotions, which leads him to seek refuge with and then live among the Philistines.

What does this account show about the need to keep our eyes on God when we’re going through a long period of trial or difficulty? When you feel worn, weary or discouraged, what helps you stay focused on God? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog