Today’s reading: John 5:1-9

Jesus encounters a man who has been unable to walk for most of his life (at least 38 years). His days have been spent by the side of the pool at Bethesda–a pool known for its power and capacity to heal. (Side note: I love the fact that when Jesus comes to Bethesda he chooses to put himself in the middle of and engage with the least of the people, those who are sick and destitute.) Jesus sees this man who has been lame for decades, and has compassion for him. So He asks the man if he wants to be healed. But rather than answering with a “Yes, absolutely!” the man immediately starts telling Jesus why he can’t be healed. (Hmm…)

How this sick man responds got me thinking about how we (including myself) respond to difficult circumstances. So often our minds jump to and focus on a human solution when we find ourselves dealing with extreme difficulty (a cancer diagnosis, prolonged unemployment, relationship conflict, bankruptcy, divorce, death and loss, etc.). Yes, we want God to help us… but then we’re reluctant to fully relinquish the situation to Him. As we hold on to our circumstances, all the while God is right there with us, eagerly waiting for us to turn and give our difficulties over to Him.

What a good reminder this account provides that nothing is impossible with God–which means that in stark contrast with little old me and you, no situation we’re going through is too big or too much for Him to handle.

How has God brought you through what you thought was an impossible situation? Is “yes, but…” presently a part of your thinking or your responses to God? If so, will you turn your seemingly insurmountable situation(s) over to Him? What’s one thing that encouraged you from this passage? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog