Today’s reading: Ecclesiastes 2:18-26

As we come to the close of Ecclesiastes 2, Solomon turns his thoughts and attention to our work or “toils.” As he has with all other areas (wisdom, self-indulgence, wise living), he concludes that the work we do and strive after that is apart from God or “under the sun,” is pointless, empty and vanity.

I have lived and experienced Solomon’s message. You see, I am a striver. People often describe me as being “driven” or having an over achiever mindset. And while there’s nothing wrong with being motivated to achieve, we need to make sure we’re striving for the right things–things of God. While I can say that’s the case for me now, there were a lot of years where my “toil” was dedicated to gaining more earthly things. In other words, my goal was to gain and accumulate all sorts of things “under the sun.” But as I attained more and more–money, things, status–I never felt fully satisfied. So within short order, I was once again, off and running and working hard to get the next “thing” I thought I needed and that I had convinced myself would, this time, bring me happiness. After quite a few years of chasing “after the wind” as Solomon would say, God used some hard circumstances to get my attention and show me that true satisfaction is only found in Him. So as I write today, I join with Solomon in saying that toiling after those things that are “under the sun” is indeed empty, pointless and vanity.

(That’s not to say that I don’t still struggle with wanting stuff and even veering off to do a little futile chasing now and then. But unlike in years prior, I know with all my heart that God has to be my focus, and as a result, my detours are now shorter, fewer and farther between. Growing spiritually is a never ending journey for sure.)

What’s something you’ve worked for that you thought you had to have and that you believed would bring you great happiness, and then when you got it, you experienced fleeting or little satisfaction? As you go about your daily work and activities, is your mindset one of working for God? How does having a mindset of doing all for the glory of God influence your attitude and actions? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog