Today’s reading: Acts 1:1-11

Starting today and then going forward for the next few weeks, we’re going to take in and consider the Book of Acts. Before we jump into chapter 1, here’s a little background information on this Book. Acts was written by Luke and is basically a continuation, or a part 2, of the Book of Luke (thus the opening words of Acts “In the first book’ referring to the Book of Luke). Through Acts, Luke gives us a look at the early church and the ministry of the apostles. There is much to observe and learn from this Book–we’ll take in a number of great sermons, discover roadmaps and travel routes of the disciples, as well as get a glimpse of personal interactions and experiences of these men who dedicated their lives to spreading the gospel message of Christ.

In the first verses of Acts 1, Luke picks up where he left off in Luke 24, with a recap of sorts of Jesus meeting with the disciples, followed by Jesus’ ascension. One of the first things Luke does within these opening verses is establish the fact that the disciples were eyewitnesses to the resurrected Christ. “He presented himself alive to them…appearing to them during forty days…” (vs. 3). Important foundational information that shows us the reliability of the contents of Acts.

Luke then turns to the final interactions between Jesus and the disciples where Jesus instructs and tells the disciples about the coming of the Holy Spirit. I was drawn to Jesus’ actions and words. Knowing that His remaining time on earth is short, He works diligently, instructing and training the disciples, up to his final breath. What an example for us about pressing forward with the work God has put before us–in all situations.

What encouragement did you draw from Jesus’ actions and words in Acts 1:1-11? What does this passage reveal about God equipping us for the tasks he sets before us? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog