Today’s reading: Judges 4:1-24

It’s time for battle and team Deborah and Barak respond, stepping out in faith. Barak has rallied 10,000 men to fight Jabin’s forces, which are being led by Sisera, king Jabin’s military general who had an impressive and scary 900 iron chariots! It would seem that Sisera and his troops had a clear advantage. Yet, this strong and mighty army are crushed, thoroughly defeated and demolished–all because of God. Did you notice these two telling verses?

“And the LORD routed Sisera and his chariots and all his army before Barak by the edge of the sword.” (Judges 4:15)

“So on that day God subdued Jabin the king of Caanan before the people of Israel.” (Judges 4:23)

Thank You, God, for Your constant presence with and care for us!

When has God fought a battle for you (held something or someone harmful at bay, provided in a way that wasn’t possible on your own strength, broke down what appeared to be a roadblock or closed door to an opportunity, healed you or a family member from disease or addiction, etc.)? What battle are you fighting that you need to turn over to God? What encouraged you most from the account of Deborah and Barak, and why? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog