Today’s reading: Judges 4:1-16

As we move to chapter 4 of Judges, we’re introduced to our only female judge, Deborah. The Israelites are in a bad situation, being severely and cruelly oppressed by the king of Canaan and his army and its commander, Sisera. Deborah, whom the scriptures describe as a prophetess, is judging Israel during this time. At the Lord’s prompting, she calls on Barak (who is apparently a capable warrior) to challenge and encourage him to take action on what the Lord had already laid on his heart to do but he had ignored. Although Barak is still hesitant, he agrees to take military action provided Deborah accompanies him into battle. Deborah agrees, and the Israelites totally defeat their Canaanite oppressors.

What’s one thing that stood out to you about Deborah from this passage, and why? What does this account show us about the importance of encouraging others, but also being willing (in certain situations) to confront, challenge and come alongside another person to take action? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog