Today’s reading: Judges 4:1-16

As much as we might want to point the finger at Barak for being insecure and hesitant to move, we’ve most likely experienced something similar ourselves–feeling God’s prompting but being afraid to take action. When I look back over my life, there have been more than a few times where I responded like Barak. In other words, I didn’t stand up for what was right, didn’t speak up in a classroom, didn’t give money to someone in need on a street corner, didn’t offer my time or talent for a church or community event where I knew help was needed, etc.

Sometimes it takes a person like Deborah to come alongside and nudge us–or maybe even shove–to get us going in the direction God has for us. I’m thankful for those “Deborahs,” because when we do take action, the result is so good. We’re encouraged, we experience joy, enthusiasm and excitement, and best of all, we become bolder for God and more willing to step out the next time God puts an opportunity before us.

Is there something God is calling you to take action on today? What did you learn about following God’s direction from either Barak or Deborah? Who has been a “Deborah” in your life? Can you be a “Deborah” for someone else? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog