Today’s reading: Acts 11:19-30

The details about the early church are so informative. Acts is truly full of examples and lessons that we would be wise to take note of and follow as modern day Christians. I’ve read Acts many times, but this time around God has strongly impressed on my heart the ways in which these early Christians worked together and functioned as a body of believers.

As we reach the conclusion of Acts 11, we are now well beyond Peter’s dynamic message on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2) and the scattering of the original group of Christ-followers from Jerusalem after Stephen’s stoning (Acts 7). Acts 11:19-30 focuses on the church in Antioch, and what we see is a strong, closely connected group. This group, who were first called Christians (vs. 26), were committed to encouraging one another through their words as well as financially helping other believers who were in need. And most importantly, teaching (instruction, coaching, training) about God’s Word and following and serving God–was front and center.

Why is coming alongside and offering encouragement and support to other Christ-followers so vital? Is this something you do on a regular basis? How has someone encouraged you spiritually? Will you join me and commit to encouraging at least two brothers or sisters in Christ this week? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog