Today’s reading: Genesis 42:12-38

Joseph was thrown a curve ball, if you will, by the appearing of his brothers. I can only imagine the flood of emotions he must have been feeling as he looked up and realized that the brothers who had wished for his death, and then attacked and sold him into slavery years earlier are now bowed before him seeking his assistance. It’s a perfect scenario for pay back–for Joseph to exact revenge for his unjust treatment. But that’s not what we see because Joseph’s heart was given to God. That doesn’t mean he didn’t struggle mightily. He absolutely did, as evidenced by his rough demeanor and odd treatment of his brothers, and then his weeping after hearing them talk of sinning against him. But because God was Joseph’s foundation, Joseph was able to push aside the temptation to take revenge against and harm his brothers. Instead, he proceeds cautiously. He holds back, keeping his identity secret as he investigates and learns more about his brothers and family, all in preparation for revealing his identity at a later time.

What did you learn from Joseph about coping with old wounds and dealing with people who have hurt you? What does this chapter reveal about the importance of forgiveness? How did forgiveness impact Joseph’s thinking and the actions he took concerning his brothers? Tami

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