Today’s reading: 1 Kings 12-22

Today we’re looking back and considering the lessons we learned from the second half of 1 Kings, chapters 12-22. I decided to focus on Ahab (although I was tempted to focus on Elijah, but held off since we’ll see a little more of him in 2 Kings).

As with Solomon, quite a few chapters deal with the rule of king Ahab. Ahab, however, was pretty much the polar opposite of Solomon with regard to his attitude and heart toward God. What stood out to prominently to me was his unwillingness to fully acknowledge and submit to God’s ways and leading. Ahab’s life portrays a sad but accurate picture of how many people choose to live their lives today. They are aware of and believe in God, yet they refuse to fully surrender their lives to Him, and as a result, they experience avoidable difficulties and miss out on much of what God has for them.

What person’s life example impacted you the most from 1 Kings? What’s one important lesson you learned from this Book? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog