Today’s reading: Psalm 40:1-17

“I waited patiently for the LORD; he inclined to me and heard my cry” (vs. 1).

The Bible is full of verses, passages and examples where we’re either told or we see that God hears our cries, requests and prayers. Psalm 40:1 would be one example of this. I’ve always thought of God as hearing my prayers, but I hadn’t given much thought to how God hears and listens.

When we’re talking with another person and we’re interested in them and what they are saying, what do we naturally do? We lean in, incline or turn toward the person, right? That’s the picture David puts before us in Psalm 40. What an encouragement to know that God is attentive to us, and that He is actively leaning forward, taking in every single one of our words!

Do you think of God, and approach Him, as an active and involved listener? What impact does knowing that God is actively listening have on your prayers? Are you inclining toward God as you listen for His responses?

Source: Tami’s Blog