Today’s reading: Acts 13:13-43

After preaching the Gospel in Cyprus, Paul, Barnabus and John set off to another destination with the goal of proclaiming Jesus. Eventually, Paul and Barnabus arrive at Antioch where, when invited, Paul speaks at the local synagogue. (One of the things I love about Paul is how he is always prepared and ready to speak about salvation.) Knowing his audience (Jews and those who had converted to Judaism), Paul proceeds to straightforwardly put before the people the factual history of God’s relationship with and love for the people of Israel, culminating with Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection and the gift of salvation that Jesus’ actions offers. By simply sharing the facts, the powerful truth of the Gospel message touched and changed the hearts of many who were present.

Are you on the lookout for different places where you might display and share Christ? What approach do you typically use when you talk with others about Jesus? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog