Today’s reading: Psalm 91:1-16

As I watched the news last night, I felt God impressing on my heart the need to trust Him. That same feeling hit me this morning as I checked in with some friends. Right now feelings of fear are rampant around the world because of uncertainty, imposed changes in routine, lack of control, and the danger of sickness and death as a result of the coronavirus. While fear can function in a good way in small doses (it’s a God-given emotion and defense mechanism), in times of distress, this powerful emotion can actually be harmful to us on several fronts—emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

So as feelings of fear press in from what seems like all sides, we need to turn to God and His Word now more than ever. There we will find over and over again words of comfort and guidance and evidence of a faithful, trustworthy, and loving Father.

As I opened my Bible to write my blog this morning and saw that Psalm 91 was the next scheduled psalm (Coincidence? I think not!), I was thankful because of how this psalm reveals God’s great love for each of us. While what the psalmist wrote in this psalm thousands of years ago can be literal, the Bible shows us time and again that many faithful followers of God suffered and even died (see Hebrews 11, for example). But I know that when we choose to keep our eyes on Christ, no matter our circumstances or its outcome, we can still have peace and joy. God tells us again and again that He is our refuge, and because of that, we can stand strong as the storms of life rage around us.

“God, thank you for loving, watching over us and for giving us your Word to look to for guidance, comfort, and peace. Please help us keep our focus on you during this time so that there is no room for fear. Amen.”

What comfort did you draw from this psalm? Was there a particular verse that moved your heart, and why? What’s one example of how God’s Word has calmed your fear in the past month? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog