Today’s reading: Genesis 6:9-22

The account of Noah and the ark is arguably one of the most recognized stories from the Bible. At first glance, it’s appealing because there are animals, a big boat and a miraculous, beautiful rainbow. But when we really stop to think about this story, what takes place is quite horrific. All but eight people living on the earth were destroyed because of the great wickedness of man.

It’s a regular part of my prayers that God would help, guide and empower me to live rightly and blamelessly (we looked at this yesterday) and that He would use me to accomplish His purposes. And I’m guessing Noah prayed something similar thousands of years ago. So as I took in this life-altering account today and considered the tasks and responsibilities God placed on Noah’s shoulders, the weightiness of that regular prayer for guidance to live well hit me full force. Thank you, God, for the reminder of my need to be fully prepared to do whatever tasks you put before me—those I find enjoyable as well as the ones I find difficult.

What’s one thing you learned about serving God from Noah’s example in Genesis 6:9-22? On a scale of 1-10, how attuned would you say you are to God’s prompting to serve Him in a particular area or task? How are you (in what ways or areas) serving God right now? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog