Today’s reading: Galatians 1-6

Thank you for spending the last few weeks with me working through the book of Galatians. As with all of Paul’s letters, this letter was packed full with lessons, both large and small, all beneficial for us as we strive to life more fully for God. Before we turn to a new book tomorrow (I’m still mulling over exactly where we should read next), let’s take today to spend a few minutes thinking about the entire book of Galatians and the messages God impressed on our hearts from it.

This time through Galatians, what stood out most to me was Paul’s sense of urgency and the intensity with which he delivered his primary message of having freedom in Christ. Not only was it a good reminder (because our tendency is to drift back to legalistic thinking), but it also provided a motivating example of the enthusiasm we should have for spreading the message of salvation and what it means to have a personal relationship with God.

What one message or lesson resonated most with you as you read through and considered Paul’s letter to the Galatians, and why? How would you summarize and explain this short but powerful book of the Bible to someone? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog