Today’s reading: Ecclesiastes 1:12-18

After beginning Ecclesiastes with a general proclamation that life apart from God is vanity or foolishness, Solomon then shifts his approach to a specific example–that of pursuing earthly wisdom. Being the wisest man to ever live, this is a subject that is near and dear to his heart. And since Solomon is the king, he literally has every resource at his fingertips to allow him to fully pursue wisdom in most any conceivable area. Solomon tells us in verse 13, “I have applied my heart to seek and to search out by wisdom all that is done under heaven.” Yet at the end of his experiment, Solomon’s conclusion remains the same, that dedicating our lives to acquiring earthly knowledge is vanity and a striving after wind. So once again, he drives home the importance of living for God and having a spiritual mindset, and in this case, the absolute value of spiritual wisdom and the need for us to be pursuing it to enhance our earthly knowledge and bring us joy.

In your personal experience, have you seen a difference between earthly and spiritual wisdom? What’s one example? Why is it important to pursue both earthly and spiritual wisdom? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog